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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry X- bicker-mas!! We still love each other!

Hello my dear friends.....*looking around nervously *....I’m a bit earlier today, just to tell you something really funny before thus brown pinhead comes.
Do you know  *giggle* how to get a garbage bag incl. stand walking around the kitchen?

It’s dead simple. I show you (‚Gelber Müllsack’ is the garbage bag and ‚Doof-Kopf’ is the pinhead):
As you can see, it’s very easy and doesn’t take much.
The best thing is: The parts joins together on there own. You not even have to lift a finger.
Helloooooooooo.......WHAT’S THAT?
Rike you stupid sneak, delete this immediately!!
No, I’m not, you’ve got just tell yourself that this happened to you.
There’s no prove for this!!!
Well, mistress first had a laugh as she saw you with your head in that thing, walking backwards through the kitchen....
That was sooo cheeky even to laugh at me!!!!
.....second my dear Flanna she was busy to release that gobball out of that awkward position.
So no chance for any pictures!
Although I would have kept you in that thing, at least you would have done no more nonsense! *lol*
Sure of you I expect nothing else, so now delete that immediately!!!
Never ever!!!
I’ll belt you one!!!!
Catch me first hahah!!!
What’s going on here???
You can’t even stop to bicker just before Christmas??
Ah mummy, just look what Rike has done, I’m sure now all gonna laugh at me!!!
This, my dear Flanna, would be well deserved, and now stop quarrelling!
We all wanted to wish our dear friends out there a merry Christmas.
You’re right mummy, we should stop this now!
This says the right, who has sta....
Shut Up!
Well all you dear friends of the shortbarks out there, we wish you all a merry Christmas! 
With a lot of treats for us furnoses!
And a lot of hugs and cuddles. 
Till next time (and last time this year)...bye, bye says

Flanna Neufundi and Rike Neuberner with Mummy Bea
 © Bea Grein
© translation: Detlef Grein

Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Blues

Munch.... crunch.....gulp....eautif ood orning... gulp.... swallow
Oh sorry, was still eating, a beautiful good morning I wanted to say!!
Haven't noticed it's already Thursday again but somehow the time's just floating and we don't really recognise it.
In the morning and evening when we go for a walk with our 2leggies it's always dark outside. Thank god we could at least use the garden in the daytime, otherwise I would think it's dark the whole day and never get's bright again.
Ruuuummble .....slip.....xrash....... heeeeeeelllpp.....Bang clip

hahahahahah.....that's what you get when you always storm in so hasty hihihi....Good morning Rike !!!
*struggles to her feet* Who removed the anti-slip mat under the rug in the hallway??????
*all smiling* Let me just mention "chair behind the door" have you already forgotten?!
*looking angry* Golly, are you mad, could have broken all my paws, you silly billy!!
 Come on Rike, don't be so fuzzy, I know how highly mobile you are, sort of rubber. You always prove it when we're playing together.
*still angry* Duh! And my bones are made of rubber as well or what do you think??!
Alas Rike, don't remember that Mummy even mad a video last Sundays?
Well, you're right. Could share it with our friends also!
Yeah, wasn't much going on last week anyway, Mummy's sitting at her PC and hammering the keyboard. She calls it "working"!
Not really something going on outside also, seams we chased away all the cats successfully- At least they don't show up again
I don't think we've chased them away, rather believe it's to cold and wet outside for them.
These "self-proclaimed greatest species of all domestic animals" don't like to get wet and prefer to keep their bum in the warmth.
That very well may be Rike, you're older, you might know better!
Speaking of older, you like to tell about the picture mummy received last week??
Sure, that's fine by me!
Here it is!
Lovely, isn't it?
That's my mummy with my dear friend Enya *looking sad* 
Mummy has got it in large now on canvas and now it hangs above the sofa on the wall!
There Enya is watching over us four! 
Gosh Rike, now I really sadden that I've never met Enya. 
Think now I got the November Blues!! 

Well Flanna, there is only one cure, go to mummy, curry favour with her and so cadge something tasty!
Oh yeah Rike, let's do that. And if we look really sweet and melancholy we might even get a bone!
So dear friends, that's all for this week. On Saturday it's December 1st and the advent season begins. We just hope the mummy will start baking cookies....it it is so.... we'll find out.
Till then, have a nice week......

Yours Flanna Neufundi and Rike Neuberner 
© Bea Grein
translation: Detlef Grein

Thursday, August 02, 2012

I wanna go there again!!!!!!!!!

Good morning *yaaaawwwwn* my dear friends of the shortbarks!
You have to excuse me, but I’m still a little bit tired this morning.
Our 2leggies are looking for a new hut, relocating they call it!
But Rike gonna tell you more about it next time, because I don’t get it, we got our home here!

Well, there is one good thing about this excursions, you get around and met new friends.
Another nice side effect, at last we’ve been able to go for a swim!!
But first things first.
Last Saturday we’ve been again on a trip to look for a hut, but there was nothing there. Rike and I allready thought, ok let’s go back home then we can go into the garden to stretch our paws.
But after a short ride we stopped again. Oh no, please not another hut now!!!
But this time we were allowed to leave the car as well and our rucksack with all the swimmingstuff was taken out!
We just had to wait for a few minutes and then arrived another dogbuddy with his mum.
Just a quick hello because I wanted to go asap to the water which was already tickling in my nose.
On our way I urgently needed a light refreshment so this little puddle was just right.
I just couldn’t understand why my mum wasn’t thrilled at all.
No Flanna please not in the mud-hole, pleeeaasee!!!
This request was denied, because mud makes you beautiful, so told me Rike!
Or was she kidding again???? *pore*

 As we finally arrived at the Rhine all 3 of us plunged into the flood. And now I had enough time to say Hi to my buddy Bero.
He was a little taller then me, a top swimmer and...........*sigh*.........I think I’ve fallen a little in love.
I called out all my charm, but he took no note-by me, he was, like Rike, only fixed on his swimmingtoy!

He that will not hear must feel, I thought and took, in a moment where he was not looking, his swimmingtoy!

This has worked and I finally got the attention that is due to me!

Btw, here you’ll find more pictures:
Fun at the Rhine

All in all it was a great afternoon and actually we don’t wanted to leave.
But Rike and I was pretty tired from all that swimming an d playing so we slept most of the way back home.

But one thing was clear and there Rike and I are for once in complege agreement:
We wanna go back there, now!!!!!!!
And Bero also..........*sigh*

Flanna?? Flaaaaannnnaaaa!!!!! Hm,she is absent. Flaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaa!!!

Oh, have to say good bye.
Allright, have a nice week and bye bye till the next time

Yours Flanna Neufundi
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein 

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Caught by the silly season (or rainy season?)

Poke, poke
Hey mum, listen to me, it’s already Thursday evening and I still haven’t got a clue fort his weeks shortbark!
How comes Rike???
You know, it is supposed to be summer now, but somehow it can’t be true!

Why it can’t be true, we got July now, and July is summer, Rike!
Well, this can indeed be, but we never had so much rain, it’s even too much water for me!
Also there was a certain mum which wanted to take us to the lake for a swim, we haven’t been there until now. You tell us again and again “when the weather will be better we’ll go”! sigh
You’re right Rike, I really wanted to go swimming, but in this weather it’s really no fun!
So a washout mum as they say! That’s why I wanted to ask you if you couldn’t again contribute something to the shortbark! looking lovingly
What are you thinking about, Rike?
Well, how about these special pictures you’ve created?
Rike, I’m not sure if they will really fit in here.
But Flanna and I admire them!!
Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssse mum! Looking even lovelier
Aaaallll right!
Ok then, here you could see a view samples of them. And if You like them you might wanna watch the rest in my virtual gallery  gallery entrance

Once more, this is he way to the other pictures    gallery entrance

Next week Flanna will be back with you again and I’m shure that this chatterbox will have much more to talk about, till then

Yours Rike Neuberner
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

Sunday, July 08, 2012

Megalomania and a lawnmonster

Hello my dear friends, greet you all!
I've heard that some of us dislike the variety of 2leggies who call themselves postman!
So as far as I’m concerned this is definitely not the case!!!
He was here again this week and has delivered a huge parcel that was obviously for us!
I immediately smelled that there is something eatable in it.

Mum and the postman then lifted the package from his van in the garden.
Must have been probably quite heavy. So clearly a looooooooot of tasty grub food in it!! Come on mum, stop chatting now. He has more to do, and you better open the box NOW, otherwise I'll do it yourself!
That humans always have to talk so much. Well, the postman is excused. He got a dogbuddy himself, that makes him more likeable!
Mum then finally opened the box. Unfortunately, there were, to my disappointment, only 2 large bags inside.
Mum just said: "That’s Your "Guteli" (Food)!"
For goodness sake, we can smell that. Just open the bag!!!!
But mum was then unmerciful and carried the bags with groaning into the house and dragged the box over to the green buddy!
Next to it stands his big brother and he is blue!
No no no, your not gonna feed the Big Blue with that box!
He's much too valuable and I've already got an idea what you can do with it.
So I curtly caught it and carried it off!
This box was so huge that I could place myself into it.

Mum looked rather surprised when she returned to the garden and the box has disappeared.
I then indicated to her that she could turn this into a goodies-game-box!
For your explanation: This is a box stuffed with a lot goodies and paper, then taped up and a few holes are cut in! We can then shred it to reach all that goodies. That’s a hell of fun!
Such a thing I wanted to get made out of MY box!
What comes from my mum?
"Flanna, you’re suffering from megalomania!" said so and the box still returned into the big Blue!
Butt hat wasn’t even the only scandal of the day! sigh
Soon my master returned home he took a rather greedy monster out of the shed.
I think it has to be fed once a week with grass, I just wonder why?
It’s in the shed the whole time and is doing nothing!
This thing gobble up all the grass, but if I just take a mouthful of it, it instantly sounds "Flanna Taboo!!!"
That’s mean, yup it is!
So I dragged at the leash which was fitted at it and the monster stopped guzzling.
But master just  fixed it and the monster continued with the nosh-up.
Seems that it only eats at the leash.
Believe me, I gave everything! I’ve hunted it, I barked and growled, nothing helped!!

Finally, as a last resort, I’ve done something I normally would never ever do!
Well, at home in the garden I mean.
I just wanted to rescue at leas the last bit of the lawn from that monster, so I just made a hump and placed a stinky sausage!
Huh, it works, master stopped to walk behind the monster. Victory!!!
Um master, what are your doing now???
Master just took a black cracklething and picked up my sausage!

It sounded even meant in my direction
: " Flanna could you not do that on the short part???"
Well, and You could imagine what happened then, that monster ate even the last bit!!!
Only Rike was extremely thrilled. allegedly because her ball is now rolling better again! She waffled something about a neat football pitch!!
Well and this she has to explain now to me, that why I say bye-bye now till next time.

Yours Flanna Neufundi
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Scientists among the dogs

Mornin’ friends of the shortbarks, it’s time again.
I am a prime example of good behaviour; I've never stolen or broken anything! What are you looking so strange mum??*head shaking* I don’t get it.
But there are dogs who can’t help, but of course it could be excused by a kind of innate curiosity.
They done there, so to speak, a scientific service, where everything is analyzed most carefully.
Enya was also such a dog and back then our mistress has recorded the study results!
Of course I don’t want to withhold these results, so I dug a little in the archive and brought it out for you:

"On May 27th  2011 Enya had her 2nd birthday, and with us for 1 year and 9 months.
A reason for a resume. But a resume of a different kind!!
During that time there was quiet a lot what suffered under Enya „creatice curiosity“. Or haven’t we just fed the dog too little??
That my wooden clogs suffered during the second dentition as well as a baseboard which was removed and shortened from 2 meters to one meter is more or less understandable. The same also happened to a hand brush, which was not only robbed of its wooden handle no he also suffered even under sudden large-scale baldness!
A dog comb was also robbed of his handle. Presumably in the believe that this will be the end of grooming. Tough luck, replacement came straight of the dogcabinets drawer!
But why she made a hole in the wall next to the front door is still a mystery for me. Especially because this wasn’t the way out as it was the wall to my office!
We’ve been told that Enya was greedy right from the start. “She’ll eat out the house“ told us her breeder.
But plenty went into Flannas stomach which couldn’t be called species-appropriate dog food.
There were a couple of tissue sachets, but always leaving over the cover.
Then she had half a cleaning sponge, together with a sponge cloth. No, Enya didn’t wanted do to the cleaning!
A insole for winter shoes were also nibbled. There I caught her but that haven’t stopped her from trying the other on as well. Obviously they wasn’t really tasty but what the hell the 2leggies need such thing?
The interior of Detlefs slippers also had to be tried out. It looked like they’ve been good, half of it has gone. Enya just loves her cheese!!!
Again and again I was amazed by the exploratory urge and immense inquisitiveness of our dog. Only the methods of her approach, I never warmed with them, they’re simply to radical!

The story about the pillow which was transformed into yellow snow…. Well, that an other story.
But there was also a pillowcase which had to be opened at the side to reach the interior. Before she could go ahead with it the mistress intervened  I was able to transform the pillowcase into a dog toy (a twisted rope). Oh, hold on. Was it perhaps the intention for making a hole into the pillowcase???
And yes, I know that we spend to much time at the PC but that’s not the fault of the USB-cable!!"

Oh, by the way, Rike and sooo well-behaved. This is not quite true!
What happened to the charging cable from my mobile which was bitten by as you where the only dog in the house!
Och aya, and the salami from your master’s roll just went *poof!* and........................
Ouch, what the hell!!!!!!!!

Just in case more fairy tales are spread about me I’d rather say Bye bye till the next time!

Yours Rike Neuberner

PS: Don’t worry, mum is still alive!!
© Bea Grein
Translated be Detlef Grein

Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Hammer bears get-together

Hello friends and supporter of the shortbarks!
Today I’d like to...............
Pardo,what you mean with dry me off first????????
Ok but hurry up, they’re waiting for the newest shortbarks!!
Ok, today I’d like to.........
What’s the matter???? 

What you mean, don’t come to close because that’ll give wet trousers?? How should dictate then, don’t be so squeamish mistress!!!
Well, this is clarified now, finally we can get back to last sunday!
There we’ve made a trip with our 2leggies.
We went to visit the Hammer dogday!!  Into the car and off we went!
As we arrived I could already hear that there are a lot fellas and I went tingly all over!!
So doors open and: Off You go! First I cruised round the car park and relieved myself then straight on to say Hi do a dogpal who also just left his car!
Ouch, that doesn’t sound good!
I think I better go back, seams like I’ve forgotten somethink.
But what??????????
Ok, after I’ve put my mistress on the leash (that’s what I’ve fogotten) off we went to all the fellas.
My misstress seemed to by a little scared because instead of  following me swiftly she stopped over and over again.
I realy was in a hurry so I desided to drag her along.
Yes I know, I shouldn’t do this but I really had something better to do then to get into it!

First we met 3 mates from the Landseer-relief and a handsome guy joined us with his master to our destination! 
That was the stall of the
Newfoundland-relief where we arranged to meet a few other newfies!
By the way the Landseer-relief, as well as the Newfoundland-relief, are 2leggies who help fellow dogs, thus are homeless or somehow else in need, to live in comfort again!
Just great!

As we reached that stall we where extensively greeted and cuddled and soon the next pals arrived.I just gonna introduce them to you picture by picture!

Elfi and Smilla


The Beargang

We also got endless goodies but the location was just perfect. Next to us was a lady with her stall who sold a lot of different treats and a few times she came to us to give us samples. Yummie!!
At some point even the best afternoon has an end and I happily admit that I was pretty glad that I could go back to the car for a nap during our way back home.
At home I demanded a propper shower from our 2leggies, a good dinner and soon after I arrived in the land of nod!!(
sigh Drago, Balu ...........)
Ah, before I forget it: Her eis the link to even more pictures: Hammer dogday

So now it’s time to say good bye, just because my msitress want to get of her wet trousers. Till next time

Bye bye Yours Flanna Neufundi
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rike's secret

Mornin’ my dear friends!!
So, are you already awake???
Well, I must confess I’ve some trouble with it this week. As You know my 2leggies had holidays and it was on us to lumber them out of the bed.
For goodness sake, till they got fully under way we nearly became desperate.

All right, dogs like us are adaptable and had us adjusted to stay up a little longer in the evening, using the time to romp around and in return sleeping a little longer in the morning.
And now??!!!!
This week they’ve dragged us out of the bed in the middle of the night.!!!
Could perhaps some decode humans *sigh*

And now for something completely different, today I’ll gonna lift the secret about my beloved Pink Ball!
Yeah, right, I know what most of you’re thinking: Why the hell she’s making such a fuss about a simple ball!!!
I can even understand you, but that ball got it’s very own story.
It didn’t belong to me in the beginning; this ball had another owner before me.
Some might remember her!
This was my dearest friend Enya, the whole 2 years of her much too short live we’ve shared!
This pink ball belonged to her and I had an orange ball.
Ok, sometimes I’ve nicked the ball from Enya but I’ve always returned it to her as well!
Last Sunday it was exactly one year ago that she’s passed away and somehow I still miss her a bit.
She was so calm and I felt soooo comfortable at her side!
Here you could see us together. Theo ne with the clever face is me by the way!!!
My mistress have made a video to preserve the best pictures of her. Because it is sooo lovely I want to share it with you even when the lyrics in the song are in German:
A live in pictures

So that Sunday was a commemoration day and today we’ve got a…… yeah, what we’ve got today???
Because exactly today a year ago this nuisance moved in!!
All right I wasn’t realy that thrilled at the beginning. Because she was so tiny and I couldn’t play that well with her!
Well, this has changed in that year. Flanna has grown up considerably and now we also become friends. And now I gonna tell you a secret, but please do not tell it anybody: "Ahem, I love this little pinhead Flanna"
Btw. the story about her entry you could read here:
That little thing called Flanna

Of course, today we are inseparable, and we have a lot of fun together!!
But she will never ever get my pink ball and now you know why!
It is a remembrance of Enya and that is sacred to me!
Anyway Flanna isn’t that kind of a „balldog“, she prefers to lug branches from the forest back home and then she tries to crush them. *head shaking*
Well now and then I help her and shred the branches into tiny pieces..
I just wonder why she’s then standing next to me and, the smaller the pieces get, she’s looking more and more desperate.
This is the whole point of the matter, isn’t it??

Ok, that it from me for this week. I’ll have a little nap now. Enjoy the week.

Rike Neuberner 

 © Bea Grein 
 translated by Detlef Grein

Saturday, June 09, 2012

On the road again

Yaaaaaaaawwwwwwnnn........ Oh, good morning to all of You!!! I know, You’re likely to dribble eagerly from one paw to the other and waiting fort he new “Shortbarks”! My 2legged friends (or 2leggies as we call them) are still on holiday so they stay a little longer in bed, especially my mistress. I exploit it, first waiting till my master left the bedroom, then snea into the room, carefully climbing up onto the bed and then lovingly waking up mommy with a lot of newfs slobberkisses.

I don’t know why she’s shouting Yyyyuuuuuk, but I suppose this is her expression of joy,  because after that I get a lot of hugs and then we snuggle for a while!
Ok, but now to the point I wanted to tell You, our fantastic excursion last saturday.
It was allread noon as we once again were allowed to get into the car and this time we travelled a little bit longer.
I used the time for a little nap and to flirt with with the passengers in the cars behind us.
As we arrived Rike was allready totaly excited because again she knew where we are!
We’ve been the first to arrive and so we had to wait for 5 minutes at the gate.
But then another car arrived and two 2leggies got out of the car which my staff seams to know.
They where so happy, if they would have had tails like we, they would have fallen of from wegging!*giggle*
This gate was the entrance to a huge fenced areal and I really wanted to get in there!!!

As I stormed in, I have someone completely overlooked.
A handsome guy on 4 paws has left the car aswell.
Chewbacca he’s called!
Here you could see him, together with my new friend Ronja which arrived a little later!
I really liked Chewy right away and we instantly became friends but there was one thing I really couldn’t understand: Why the hell he was allways only interessted in my backside???*brood*

During cavorting I suddenly recognised a small, black, fuzzy something whitch also was strolling around the areal!
This is not really....... YES, it was him!
 My still small but lovely half-brother Paaaaadddyyyy!!!
Isn’t he cute ???
He was it who brought Ronja with him. She’s living together with him an their 2leggies.

We, the tall ones were then able to get a round romp and ......Oh you know what, I just show You a few pictures. Just in case before my typist goes on strike because she wrote her fingers raw!
Catch me if You can

Rike our decency dog

My favorite picture
Paddy and me

If you now in the mood for more pictures, here is the link to our album: Meeting friends.

nfortunately, the time passed much too quickly, and once again it was time to say goodbye.
But I eavesdropped the 2-leggies and heard that they want to meet again soon in any case.
This is a good thing, I don’t want Paddy to be grown up when I see him again. In the moment I’m still the taller one but I’m afraid if he continues to grow like now it wouldn’t take long and he grow me over the head *sigh *. 

It would give as much to tell, but my stomach is growling,
It is not yet even be about time for.........lunch???  I'm off then.......scrape-squuueeeaak-rattle ........what You mean with „return and finish the writing“??????
Scooottt-sliiiidddee-braakeee........ Ok, it’s me again !!!
I'm supposed to say goodbye properly my mistress told me, otherwise I would get anything for lunch!

So, until the next time
bye says Yours
Flanna Neufundi

 © Bea Grein 
 translated by Detlef Grein

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Giantbathtub

Mornin’ my dear friends, I’m a little late today,
but it’s not my fault!!!

One half of my staff is on holiday and so the other half (my typist) also got a problem with getting up in the morning!
Yet I want to introduce our “giantbathtube” to you, it’s that big that a dog even can swim in it.

Two days ago in the afternoon it was time again, our mistress took one of our backpacks and filled it with a bath towel, a 20 meter leash for Flanna (yes only for Flanna *nasty grin*) and my green swimmingbit!
Green swimmingbit = about the same as pink ball, but it is green, swims on the water and has a different shape. But I would never ever go for a swim without it!
There I know: Yippeeee we’re going for a swim!!!
So jumping into the car, a short ride and we’re there!
Ok now the embarrassing part of it. For a normally 10 minutes walk it took us more then 20 minutes.
Thanks to Flanna!!!
This hollow head still hasn’t figured that you’ve to walk handsomely when you’re on a leash. Straight after we’ve left the car she’d to drag in all directions!
Our mistress even landed on her botty (*giggle* a great scene). Well, the result was that she then was even more determined to train Flanna to walk well-mannered at the leash!
Somehow, sometime we arrived where we wanted, at our swimming area.
Ok, the mistress was whining about blisters on her hand and probably a longer left arm!
Then she just should hold Flanna the next time on the right an it evens out again.!!!
So now let’s go!!!!
Unpack the green swimmingbit, hook in Flanna and here we go into the flood!
I tell you, this was soooo delightful, finally back into the water and swimming.
At home we got a watershell and stuff like that and sometimes we’re taking a shower but I’m not into that babystuff anymore, it’s ok for Flanna but not for me. I need something proper like the Möhnesee!!!

Our mistress tried to make a video from our water-joy, simply click here:

Just look at this skinny thing… and something like that drags our mistress over the place.
The way she’s posing here, like she want to become the next “water” top model.
*head shaking* She rather should use her brain for learning!
Although maybe not, because if she misbehaving like that, I shine as a top educated dog!!!
And I even don’t have to strain *lol*!!

Right, now I urgently have to go out into the garden….. No, not what you’re thinking…. I just have to check out my pink ball and care for the workout of my „2leggies“!!

See you next time
Yours Rike Neuberner

© Bea Grein
by Detlef Grein