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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Review and good resolutions

Siiiiiiiigh* Oh weellllll *sigh*..............
Hey Flanna what's up, never seen you so sorrowful before !
Umm well Rike, none of our Christmas wishes was fulfilled, not one *sigh* none, not a drag. Not even the snow came!
You're right Flanna, although the year has started so great. Here, have a look!!
Oh yeeees snow, we had him in January and end of February we took him with us all the way from Bavaria*grin*
Huh, took him with us ?????????
Yes, when we visited Adele, then Adele and I just tied a cloud at the back of our car when we went back home. Hihihi and our 2leggies were wondering the whole journey why it was snowing all the time*laughing*

You're right, here I got a picture of us three. Even I've never seen so much snow before as at Adele's home in Bavaria.
That was really great, but the best was in the evening when your muscles were so sore that you were walking as if you had wetted your furpants. *laughing loud*
That's nooooooot truuueee *puffed up*

But you still remember this Rike ???
That was in April, the Newfs-Express  *clapping her paws* that was great, we went on a trip with our steam-train next door.

Yes, that was really great, and the best is: On may 17th 2014 it will ride again, our dogtrain!
Huh, dog exercise?? The express got a locomotive, so we don't have to train!!! *looking dumbfounded*
No training Flanna, you deadhead. Train, railway etc. got it now?
By the way, remember where this was???
Yeeeees, *jump* that's at our friends in the Netherlands, that's Lakaya, Boenjo and you ....................... huuuh, where am I then *peering*
Hihihi, even when you try to look from the top on the picture you wouldn't see more.
But I know where you've been, you stuck with your head in the sand, had nothing else then digging in your mind *shaking her head*

Eww, but there we were allowed to dig, Yes! *beaming* Yes, you're right, but only in that huge sandbox ................ aaaaand not digging out the tree at the entrance so that it was close to fall down you deadhead, gosh that was so embarrassing again with you *chunter*
Yes, I know *meekly* I will do better in the future, really ........... I promise !!!'
You and promising *laughing loud* I wanna see that !!!
Ha you'll see ! *looking defiant*
In September Adele was visiting us, that was absolutely brilliant !
Yes, and then we had all that gatherings with our other doggiefriends and their 2leggies.
Summer-party, dogs-blessing also, quite a busy year.
You're right Rike, and then you've been ill, wasn't able to pee. Thank god they were able to help you at the animal hospital, and that immediately, because you started right on the table to p.........umpf ......

SHUT UP, if you don't want me to box your ears Flaaannnaaa!
Ummuuumm........hey take your ar.. from my snout I don't say anymore  *giggle* but that was funny, and such happens to you.
Flannaaaa, you promised to improve !!!!!!!!!!! Y'know, the new year and the resolutions!!!!
Yes, I for one resolved not to steal anymore on two legs. *big grin* and maybe to drag a tiny bit less on the leash. But only out of love to mum, because she's always whining that her arms get longer every time and that would look awful by and by!!!!

And Rike, how about your resolutions ?????
Of course I got one. I resolved to stay as I am, because I'm anyway the best *big grin*
Whaaat are you .......................


We wish you all a Happy New Year!!

Flanna Neufundi  and Rike Neuberner

©Bea Grein
translation: Detlef Grein