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Monday, October 24, 2016


At a place where the waves explode upon the reef in boiling foam, a legend was born.

It tells the story how God looked on day turned one day to contemplate all of his creations. He had a look on a small, storm slashed, island which was inhabited from a small populace of fishermen. These tough people fought with boldness against the grim nature, but the frosty winters and the forbidding coastline took its toll and demanded their human sacrifices. Nevertheless, they remained unshaken in their doggedness which matched their courage.

God saw al this trouble and felt sympathy for this people. He thought about how he could lighten their burden. He searched among his creatures to find one which could serve this purpose but found none. So he decided to create one.

 He took the body of a bear, whose bone structure lent well to such arduous labours and whose thick fur would resist the bitter cold. Then he thought to soften this silhouette with the outline of the seal, so he could swim better and slide smartly through the waves.

His eyes wandering across the see he met the dolphins which followed agile and snoopy the boats. Their small, friendly eyes bared a cheerful animal that loved the humans and where to willingly to rescue their lives. He must not forget that!

Bit by bit and by the help of the Lords wonderful creativeness a magnificent animal with a bright fur, powerful and gentle the same time, arose. What does it still need to reach in his faithfulness every rigour to live with the people, always willing to sacrifice their live for them? So God gave it the heart of a dog and the miracle was entire! 

Since that day the people at the sea have a brave, strong and faithful companion – the Newfoundland!

(Original from the book Il Cane Di Terra Nova by Emmy Bruno, editor Mursia-Milano, English translation by Detlef Grein based on the German version from Armin Nef, Freidorf (CH))