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Thursday, November 29, 2012

November Blues

Munch.... crunch.....gulp....eautif ood orning... gulp.... swallow
Oh sorry, was still eating, a beautiful good morning I wanted to say!!
Haven't noticed it's already Thursday again but somehow the time's just floating and we don't really recognise it.
In the morning and evening when we go for a walk with our 2leggies it's always dark outside. Thank god we could at least use the garden in the daytime, otherwise I would think it's dark the whole day and never get's bright again.
Ruuuummble .....slip.....xrash....... heeeeeeelllpp.....Bang clip

hahahahahah.....that's what you get when you always storm in so hasty hihihi....Good morning Rike !!!
*struggles to her feet* Who removed the anti-slip mat under the rug in the hallway??????
*all smiling* Let me just mention "chair behind the door" have you already forgotten?!
*looking angry* Golly, are you mad, could have broken all my paws, you silly billy!!
 Come on Rike, don't be so fuzzy, I know how highly mobile you are, sort of rubber. You always prove it when we're playing together.
*still angry* Duh! And my bones are made of rubber as well or what do you think??!
Alas Rike, don't remember that Mummy even mad a video last Sundays?
Well, you're right. Could share it with our friends also!
Yeah, wasn't much going on last week anyway, Mummy's sitting at her PC and hammering the keyboard. She calls it "working"!
Not really something going on outside also, seams we chased away all the cats successfully- At least they don't show up again
I don't think we've chased them away, rather believe it's to cold and wet outside for them.
These "self-proclaimed greatest species of all domestic animals" don't like to get wet and prefer to keep their bum in the warmth.
That very well may be Rike, you're older, you might know better!
Speaking of older, you like to tell about the picture mummy received last week??
Sure, that's fine by me!
Here it is!
Lovely, isn't it?
That's my mummy with my dear friend Enya *looking sad* 
Mummy has got it in large now on canvas and now it hangs above the sofa on the wall!
There Enya is watching over us four! 
Gosh Rike, now I really sadden that I've never met Enya. 
Think now I got the November Blues!! 

Well Flanna, there is only one cure, go to mummy, curry favour with her and so cadge something tasty!
Oh yeah Rike, let's do that. And if we look really sweet and melancholy we might even get a bone!
So dear friends, that's all for this week. On Saturday it's December 1st and the advent season begins. We just hope the mummy will start baking cookies....it it is so.... we'll find out.
Till then, have a nice week......

Yours Flanna Neufundi and Rike Neuberner 
© Bea Grein
translation: Detlef Grein