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Saturday, June 18, 2011

That little thing called Flanna

Oh I was so sad when Enya died last week.
I haven’t enjoyed anything, not even playing with my ball!
I only wanted to be together with my people, even they hardly haven't said a word and just sat there. The only comforting was that I got sooo many pats and cuddles.

The next day we got up very early (Ok, we hardly haven’t slept a lot that night at all) and bags got packed, even my backpack.
Are we going away???

So we went away for a few days. My people still where very sad but at least they’ve started to speak again.
On our way back home we made a stop and they took me for a short walk.
During that walk we arrived at a farm. There where, among others, 2 large dogs which looked like Enya, only in brown. Then there were two others of that kind but very small, I mean really very, very small!!
My mistress then took one of that small bits (have I already mentioned that they’ve been very, very small?) and embraced it. Slowly but surely I got concerns….. they don’t want to take that little thing (btw. have I mentioned that it was really… ok, ok) with them, want they?

What shall I say? It exactly ended up so, they’ve done it!!! They took her with them!
So, now the little (btw have I……) thing is living here with us and her name is Flanna. Flanna is Gaelic and means „the redhead“.
All right, my 2leggies aren’t that sad any longer, only now and then.
The whole time they’re running out with Flanna. Making wee-wee they say.
Hmmm, but why? 
So small and so often going for a wee-wee? And then she’s even piddling in the hallway. I don’t understand that, I really can’t understand that!!
You don’t do that, that’s not proper!!!
But today I’ve tried to play with her. Because, to be honest, she is pretty sweet. But to romp with her she has to grow. I don’t want to hurt her!!
Let’s wait and see what will develop out of this little thing called Flanna. I’ll gonna tell you!!

Kind regards Yours Rike Neuberner

 © Bea Grein 
 translated by Detlef Grein

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Under constrction

Watch this space!

We are currently working on an English version of the "Kurzgebell" or as we gonna call it here: "Shortbarks"

Why "Shortbarks"??? Well, barking is the language of the dogs and our dogs using this blog to tell You short stories from there life.