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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Caught by the silly season (or rainy season?)

Poke, poke
Hey mum, listen to me, it’s already Thursday evening and I still haven’t got a clue fort his weeks shortbark!
How comes Rike???
You know, it is supposed to be summer now, but somehow it can’t be true!

Why it can’t be true, we got July now, and July is summer, Rike!
Well, this can indeed be, but we never had so much rain, it’s even too much water for me!
Also there was a certain mum which wanted to take us to the lake for a swim, we haven’t been there until now. You tell us again and again “when the weather will be better we’ll go”! sigh
You’re right Rike, I really wanted to go swimming, but in this weather it’s really no fun!
So a washout mum as they say! That’s why I wanted to ask you if you couldn’t again contribute something to the shortbark! looking lovingly
What are you thinking about, Rike?
Well, how about these special pictures you’ve created?
Rike, I’m not sure if they will really fit in here.
But Flanna and I admire them!!
Pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaassssse mum! Looking even lovelier
Aaaallll right!
Ok then, here you could see a view samples of them. And if You like them you might wanna watch the rest in my virtual gallery  gallery entrance

Once more, this is he way to the other pictures    gallery entrance

Next week Flanna will be back with you again and I’m shure that this chatterbox will have much more to talk about, till then

Yours Rike Neuberner
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

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