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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Megalomania and a lawnmonster

Hello my dear friends, greet you all!
I've heard that some of us dislike the variety of 2leggies who call themselves postman!
So as far as I’m concerned this is definitely not the case!!!
He was here again this week and has delivered a huge parcel that was obviously for us!
I immediately smelled that there is something eatable in it.

Mum and the postman then lifted the package from his van in the garden.
Must have been probably quite heavy. So clearly a looooooooot of tasty grub food in it!! Come on mum, stop chatting now. He has more to do, and you better open the box NOW, otherwise I'll do it yourself!
That humans always have to talk so much. Well, the postman is excused. He got a dogbuddy himself, that makes him more likeable!
Mum then finally opened the box. Unfortunately, there were, to my disappointment, only 2 large bags inside.
Mum just said: "That’s Your "Guteli" (Food)!"
For goodness sake, we can smell that. Just open the bag!!!!
But mum was then unmerciful and carried the bags with groaning into the house and dragged the box over to the green buddy!
Next to it stands his big brother and he is blue!
No no no, your not gonna feed the Big Blue with that box!
He's much too valuable and I've already got an idea what you can do with it.
So I curtly caught it and carried it off!
This box was so huge that I could place myself into it.

Mum looked rather surprised when she returned to the garden and the box has disappeared.
I then indicated to her that she could turn this into a goodies-game-box!
For your explanation: This is a box stuffed with a lot goodies and paper, then taped up and a few holes are cut in! We can then shred it to reach all that goodies. That’s a hell of fun!
Such a thing I wanted to get made out of MY box!
What comes from my mum?
"Flanna, you’re suffering from megalomania!" said so and the box still returned into the big Blue!
Butt hat wasn’t even the only scandal of the day! sigh
Soon my master returned home he took a rather greedy monster out of the shed.
I think it has to be fed once a week with grass, I just wonder why?
It’s in the shed the whole time and is doing nothing!
This thing gobble up all the grass, but if I just take a mouthful of it, it instantly sounds "Flanna Taboo!!!"
That’s mean, yup it is!
So I dragged at the leash which was fitted at it and the monster stopped guzzling.
But master just  fixed it and the monster continued with the nosh-up.
Seems that it only eats at the leash.
Believe me, I gave everything! I’ve hunted it, I barked and growled, nothing helped!!

Finally, as a last resort, I’ve done something I normally would never ever do!
Well, at home in the garden I mean.
I just wanted to rescue at leas the last bit of the lawn from that monster, so I just made a hump and placed a stinky sausage!
Huh, it works, master stopped to walk behind the monster. Victory!!!
Um master, what are your doing now???
Master just took a black cracklething and picked up my sausage!

It sounded even meant in my direction
: " Flanna could you not do that on the short part???"
Well, and You could imagine what happened then, that monster ate even the last bit!!!
Only Rike was extremely thrilled. allegedly because her ball is now rolling better again! She waffled something about a neat football pitch!!
Well and this she has to explain now to me, that why I say bye-bye now till next time.

Yours Flanna Neufundi
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

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