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Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Scientists among the dogs

Mornin’ friends of the shortbarks, it’s time again.
I am a prime example of good behaviour; I've never stolen or broken anything! What are you looking so strange mum??*head shaking* I don’t get it.
But there are dogs who can’t help, but of course it could be excused by a kind of innate curiosity.
They done there, so to speak, a scientific service, where everything is analyzed most carefully.
Enya was also such a dog and back then our mistress has recorded the study results!
Of course I don’t want to withhold these results, so I dug a little in the archive and brought it out for you:

"On May 27th  2011 Enya had her 2nd birthday, and with us for 1 year and 9 months.
A reason for a resume. But a resume of a different kind!!
During that time there was quiet a lot what suffered under Enya „creatice curiosity“. Or haven’t we just fed the dog too little??
That my wooden clogs suffered during the second dentition as well as a baseboard which was removed and shortened from 2 meters to one meter is more or less understandable. The same also happened to a hand brush, which was not only robbed of its wooden handle no he also suffered even under sudden large-scale baldness!
A dog comb was also robbed of his handle. Presumably in the believe that this will be the end of grooming. Tough luck, replacement came straight of the dogcabinets drawer!
But why she made a hole in the wall next to the front door is still a mystery for me. Especially because this wasn’t the way out as it was the wall to my office!
We’ve been told that Enya was greedy right from the start. “She’ll eat out the house“ told us her breeder.
But plenty went into Flannas stomach which couldn’t be called species-appropriate dog food.
There were a couple of tissue sachets, but always leaving over the cover.
Then she had half a cleaning sponge, together with a sponge cloth. No, Enya didn’t wanted do to the cleaning!
A insole for winter shoes were also nibbled. There I caught her but that haven’t stopped her from trying the other on as well. Obviously they wasn’t really tasty but what the hell the 2leggies need such thing?
The interior of Detlefs slippers also had to be tried out. It looked like they’ve been good, half of it has gone. Enya just loves her cheese!!!
Again and again I was amazed by the exploratory urge and immense inquisitiveness of our dog. Only the methods of her approach, I never warmed with them, they’re simply to radical!

The story about the pillow which was transformed into yellow snow…. Well, that an other story.
But there was also a pillowcase which had to be opened at the side to reach the interior. Before she could go ahead with it the mistress intervened  I was able to transform the pillowcase into a dog toy (a twisted rope). Oh, hold on. Was it perhaps the intention for making a hole into the pillowcase???
And yes, I know that we spend to much time at the PC but that’s not the fault of the USB-cable!!"

Oh, by the way, Rike and sooo well-behaved. This is not quite true!
What happened to the charging cable from my mobile which was bitten by as you where the only dog in the house!
Och aya, and the salami from your master’s roll just went *poof!* and........................
Ouch, what the hell!!!!!!!!

Just in case more fairy tales are spread about me I’d rather say Bye bye till the next time!

Yours Rike Neuberner

PS: Don’t worry, mum is still alive!!
© Bea Grein
Translated be Detlef Grein

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