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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Hammer bears get-together

Hello friends and supporter of the shortbarks!
Today I’d like to...............
Pardo,what you mean with dry me off first????????
Ok but hurry up, they’re waiting for the newest shortbarks!!
Ok, today I’d like to.........
What’s the matter???? 

What you mean, don’t come to close because that’ll give wet trousers?? How should dictate then, don’t be so squeamish mistress!!!
Well, this is clarified now, finally we can get back to last sunday!
There we’ve made a trip with our 2leggies.
We went to visit the Hammer dogday!!  Into the car and off we went!
As we arrived I could already hear that there are a lot fellas and I went tingly all over!!
So doors open and: Off You go! First I cruised round the car park and relieved myself then straight on to say Hi do a dogpal who also just left his car!
Ouch, that doesn’t sound good!
I think I better go back, seams like I’ve forgotten somethink.
But what??????????
Ok, after I’ve put my mistress on the leash (that’s what I’ve fogotten) off we went to all the fellas.
My misstress seemed to by a little scared because instead of  following me swiftly she stopped over and over again.
I realy was in a hurry so I desided to drag her along.
Yes I know, I shouldn’t do this but I really had something better to do then to get into it!

First we met 3 mates from the Landseer-relief and a handsome guy joined us with his master to our destination! 
That was the stall of the
Newfoundland-relief where we arranged to meet a few other newfies!
By the way the Landseer-relief, as well as the Newfoundland-relief, are 2leggies who help fellow dogs, thus are homeless or somehow else in need, to live in comfort again!
Just great!

As we reached that stall we where extensively greeted and cuddled and soon the next pals arrived.I just gonna introduce them to you picture by picture!

Elfi and Smilla


The Beargang

We also got endless goodies but the location was just perfect. Next to us was a lady with her stall who sold a lot of different treats and a few times she came to us to give us samples. Yummie!!
At some point even the best afternoon has an end and I happily admit that I was pretty glad that I could go back to the car for a nap during our way back home.
At home I demanded a propper shower from our 2leggies, a good dinner and soon after I arrived in the land of nod!!(
sigh Drago, Balu ...........)
Ah, before I forget it: Her eis the link to even more pictures: Hammer dogday

So now it’s time to say good bye, just because my msitress want to get of her wet trousers. Till next time

Bye bye Yours Flanna Neufundi
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

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