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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rike's secret

Mornin’ my dear friends!!
So, are you already awake???
Well, I must confess I’ve some trouble with it this week. As You know my 2leggies had holidays and it was on us to lumber them out of the bed.
For goodness sake, till they got fully under way we nearly became desperate.

All right, dogs like us are adaptable and had us adjusted to stay up a little longer in the evening, using the time to romp around and in return sleeping a little longer in the morning.
And now??!!!!
This week they’ve dragged us out of the bed in the middle of the night.!!!
Could perhaps some decode humans *sigh*

And now for something completely different, today I’ll gonna lift the secret about my beloved Pink Ball!
Yeah, right, I know what most of you’re thinking: Why the hell she’s making such a fuss about a simple ball!!!
I can even understand you, but that ball got it’s very own story.
It didn’t belong to me in the beginning; this ball had another owner before me.
Some might remember her!
This was my dearest friend Enya, the whole 2 years of her much too short live we’ve shared!
This pink ball belonged to her and I had an orange ball.
Ok, sometimes I’ve nicked the ball from Enya but I’ve always returned it to her as well!
Last Sunday it was exactly one year ago that she’s passed away and somehow I still miss her a bit.
She was so calm and I felt soooo comfortable at her side!
Here you could see us together. Theo ne with the clever face is me by the way!!!
My mistress have made a video to preserve the best pictures of her. Because it is sooo lovely I want to share it with you even when the lyrics in the song are in German:
A live in pictures

So that Sunday was a commemoration day and today we’ve got a…… yeah, what we’ve got today???
Because exactly today a year ago this nuisance moved in!!
All right I wasn’t realy that thrilled at the beginning. Because she was so tiny and I couldn’t play that well with her!
Well, this has changed in that year. Flanna has grown up considerably and now we also become friends. And now I gonna tell you a secret, but please do not tell it anybody: "Ahem, I love this little pinhead Flanna"
Btw. the story about her entry you could read here:
That little thing called Flanna

Of course, today we are inseparable, and we have a lot of fun together!!
But she will never ever get my pink ball and now you know why!
It is a remembrance of Enya and that is sacred to me!
Anyway Flanna isn’t that kind of a „balldog“, she prefers to lug branches from the forest back home and then she tries to crush them. *head shaking*
Well now and then I help her and shred the branches into tiny pieces..
I just wonder why she’s then standing next to me and, the smaller the pieces get, she’s looking more and more desperate.
This is the whole point of the matter, isn’t it??

Ok, that it from me for this week. I’ll have a little nap now. Enjoy the week.

Rike Neuberner 

 © Bea Grein 
 translated by Detlef Grein

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