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Thursday, August 02, 2012

I wanna go there again!!!!!!!!!

Good morning *yaaaawwwwn* my dear friends of the shortbarks!
You have to excuse me, but I’m still a little bit tired this morning.
Our 2leggies are looking for a new hut, relocating they call it!
But Rike gonna tell you more about it next time, because I don’t get it, we got our home here!

Well, there is one good thing about this excursions, you get around and met new friends.
Another nice side effect, at last we’ve been able to go for a swim!!
But first things first.
Last Saturday we’ve been again on a trip to look for a hut, but there was nothing there. Rike and I allready thought, ok let’s go back home then we can go into the garden to stretch our paws.
But after a short ride we stopped again. Oh no, please not another hut now!!!
But this time we were allowed to leave the car as well and our rucksack with all the swimmingstuff was taken out!
We just had to wait for a few minutes and then arrived another dogbuddy with his mum.
Just a quick hello because I wanted to go asap to the water which was already tickling in my nose.
On our way I urgently needed a light refreshment so this little puddle was just right.
I just couldn’t understand why my mum wasn’t thrilled at all.
No Flanna please not in the mud-hole, pleeeaasee!!!
This request was denied, because mud makes you beautiful, so told me Rike!
Or was she kidding again???? *pore*

 As we finally arrived at the Rhine all 3 of us plunged into the flood. And now I had enough time to say Hi to my buddy Bero.
He was a little taller then me, a top swimmer and...........*sigh*.........I think I’ve fallen a little in love.
I called out all my charm, but he took no note-by me, he was, like Rike, only fixed on his swimmingtoy!

He that will not hear must feel, I thought and took, in a moment where he was not looking, his swimmingtoy!

This has worked and I finally got the attention that is due to me!

Btw, here you’ll find more pictures:
Fun at the Rhine

All in all it was a great afternoon and actually we don’t wanted to leave.
But Rike and I was pretty tired from all that swimming an d playing so we slept most of the way back home.

But one thing was clear and there Rike and I are for once in complege agreement:
We wanna go back there, now!!!!!!!
And Bero also..........*sigh*

Flanna?? Flaaaaannnnaaaa!!!!! Hm,she is absent. Flaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnaaaaaaaa!!!

Oh, have to say good bye.
Allright, have a nice week and bye bye till the next time

Yours Flanna Neufundi
© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein 

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