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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Giantbathtub

Mornin’ my dear friends, I’m a little late today,
but it’s not my fault!!!

One half of my staff is on holiday and so the other half (my typist) also got a problem with getting up in the morning!
Yet I want to introduce our “giantbathtube” to you, it’s that big that a dog even can swim in it.

Two days ago in the afternoon it was time again, our mistress took one of our backpacks and filled it with a bath towel, a 20 meter leash for Flanna (yes only for Flanna *nasty grin*) and my green swimmingbit!
Green swimmingbit = about the same as pink ball, but it is green, swims on the water and has a different shape. But I would never ever go for a swim without it!
There I know: Yippeeee we’re going for a swim!!!
So jumping into the car, a short ride and we’re there!
Ok now the embarrassing part of it. For a normally 10 minutes walk it took us more then 20 minutes.
Thanks to Flanna!!!
This hollow head still hasn’t figured that you’ve to walk handsomely when you’re on a leash. Straight after we’ve left the car she’d to drag in all directions!
Our mistress even landed on her botty (*giggle* a great scene). Well, the result was that she then was even more determined to train Flanna to walk well-mannered at the leash!
Somehow, sometime we arrived where we wanted, at our swimming area.
Ok, the mistress was whining about blisters on her hand and probably a longer left arm!
Then she just should hold Flanna the next time on the right an it evens out again.!!!
So now let’s go!!!!
Unpack the green swimmingbit, hook in Flanna and here we go into the flood!
I tell you, this was soooo delightful, finally back into the water and swimming.
At home we got a watershell and stuff like that and sometimes we’re taking a shower but I’m not into that babystuff anymore, it’s ok for Flanna but not for me. I need something proper like the Möhnesee!!!

Our mistress tried to make a video from our water-joy, simply click here:

Just look at this skinny thing… and something like that drags our mistress over the place.
The way she’s posing here, like she want to become the next “water” top model.
*head shaking* She rather should use her brain for learning!
Although maybe not, because if she misbehaving like that, I shine as a top educated dog!!!
And I even don’t have to strain *lol*!!

Right, now I urgently have to go out into the garden….. No, not what you’re thinking…. I just have to check out my pink ball and care for the workout of my „2leggies“!!

See you next time
Yours Rike Neuberner

© Bea Grein
by Detlef Grein

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