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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Cakenapping and a PINK revenge

Flannaaaa ???
What’s up Rike ??
There is a chocolate cake at the table and our 2leggies are busy!! *smirk*
Yeah, just look there!! *smirks broader*
yeeesss *slobber* there is really a super dooper delicious chocolate cake *slobber* on the table!!!
On the floor is already a reasonable puddle)

Just nick a piece for us Flanna!
peeps challenging* it’s no problem for you to reach it, you’re taller then me!!!
But I’m not allowed to do so, I’ll get an awful lot of scolding from mummy
lobber*(puddle gets even larger)
I’ll keep cave and give alarm if the 2leggies are coming or looking
*looks convincingly* but hurry up, before the table will be flooded by your slobber!!!!

And you really watch out Rike, dead certain?

Sure, come on now

Hurry up Flanna, get the cake!!!
k 3......2......1.........go

Woof woof woof
Shut up Rike, stop barking ..........

Down from the table, you’re off your rocker!!!
Don’t you know that your snout should not be on the table, least of all your paws

you dopey quealer........ wait till I get you *furiously stomping on her paws* you miserable turncoat!!

There was a cat Flanna i swear *putting on an innocent face* I’ve only barked because of the cat *chuckles silently
Yes sure, don’t pee down my neck and tell me it’s raining!! You did it on purpose, you sneaky bitch.
Definitly not Flanna, I would never ever do that * putting on an even more innocent face*

 Sure, we’ll talk about it later, first I’ve to curry favour with mummy……but then we’ll trash it out……take my word for it *still furious*
By the way I don’t like nut cake........

A little later in the afternoon...

......slurp, slurp, slurp..... ahhhh how refreshing! *Rike licks pleasurably her snout*
So, and now let’s play some football with the 2le…e…e.., where the heck is my ball now??
I’ve just placed it here, exactly on this spot, who was it??????? *looks deranged *Flanna, have you seen my ball???

Your ball ..... your PINK ball ???? *smirk * Your beloved pink ball ????
Yees MY pink ball !! *looks bugged*
Naaahhh I haven’t *looking as innocent as a lamb*

But it doesn’t go „poof“ *starting to search nervously*
March yourself over here Flanna !!

Yes, what’s up.....

hhha .... Ugh your totally wet around your snout
Of course, also just had a gulp and refreshed myself! Why are you nuzzling around my snout

Well, I just wanted to check if you had my pink ball. Oh bother, where is it *her nerves being at breaking point*
 Well then you’ve to search it Rike *looking astute* gonna retrieve it then.....
 I’ll do, I have to…. I must .......

Teehee if she would know ..... revenge is PINK.......

Flanna Neufundi
Rike Neuberner
There mummy

© Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

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