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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The root of all evil!!

Hi friends,I’m still done from our last excursion, that why this time my secetary can occur word!!

The alarm rings, what’s that wet in my face?My dear dog says “Good Morning” with a happy wagging tail.

Drowsy I torture myself out of bed and shamble through the corridor to the bathroom.
Suddenly, what’s that!!??
Something soft and wet under my foot.
Frighten me.
Oh no, the dog! You stand on something that belongs to the dog!!!!
A jump to the side, that poor animal should not suffer!
All within 2 seconds and without remembering the wardrobe that now says kindly „Good Morning“ to my head!
Because wardrobes are not only in the morning but in general not really chatty companions, more some of the harder kind.
It comes what must come.

A failure of the standing force and slowly sinking to the ground, combined with the fact that the left hand grasps the head straight to the place where the wardrobe said good morning!

Yet, surprise, surprise, the stars appeared again in the morning!
At least in my eyes!
Left hand on the head, stars in the eyes, the right hand scans around and finds the soft humidity!!
The view clears up and the fog gives way and that mysterious thing turns oft to be a plushie.
Plushies, that are these soft toys which the dog loves to carry in its snout until they’re drenched with slobber and it is worth to clutch them onto mummy’s face!
Later they’re left on the floor to get dry again!
A sigh of relief!Thank god, it wasn’t the dog, in the same moment a slowly rising sense of anger!
Why must that stupid piece lay around here?????
My right hand reduces the anger by giving that thing a free ride through the corridor and the open door to the living room!
Happy landing!!!!!
So now again closing my eyes, with fingering with my left hand the place of my head where, not long ago, it had the one-sided conversation with the wardrobe!
There is no a big bump.
Great, just wanted to wash my hair!
Opening m eyes again I see a mountain of fur which, happily wagging it’s tail and with a loving glance, is sitting in front of me!
The right hand already raised, the words „Nothing happened“ on the tongue and then my eyes caught sight of what was in the snout of that beloved pet, red and yellow it shines on both sides of the dog’s snout!!!
It opened it’s snout and that thing falls out, rolls and stopped exactly there where it was 3 minutes ago, before the one-sided conversation of head and wardrobe!!
Yes, there it is again, the root of all evil, the starting point of that calamity!
The plushie !!! 

By the way, I promise improvement and will now lay out my plushies on the sofa to dry!!!
Yours Flanna Neufundi  © Bea Grein
translated by Detlef Grein

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